Service offer

Arranging trade

Our activities in the field of mediation of trade and services include export. Based on our experience and knowledge, we are ready to deliver and place your products on the Russian market, where we have a very wide portfolio of personal contacts.
We are professionals in the automotive industry. We cooperate with manufacturers of general lights (LED lighting) for a long time. According to current needs we will provide technological delivery to the Russian Federation. However, we can ensure the delivery of diverse products to the same destination.

In every case of mediation of business and services, we consistently pay attention to the good name of our client and, of course, we maintain strict confidentiality and secrecy.

Providing storage capacities, completion into bulks and covering customs formalities requirements

We provide comprehensive logistics services in the area of ​​storage and management of the entire material flow – from design & development of individual components for production and to final distribution to the customer.

We have a category A warehouse space in the logistics center of the North Moravian Region with excellent transport accessibility.

We will help with simple, all-pallet and more demanding piece storage. We can store your goods, both long and short term.

We offer a wide range of customs services, ranging from standard customs clearance to specialized customs processes. Thanks to efficient and trouble-free clearance, your shipment arrives as quickly as possible.

Instead of worrying about customs clearance and dealing with VAT, you can fully focus on your own business.

We help our partners find the optimum tailor-made solution. Based on specific requirements, we will design a solution, so that the logistics process is economically and organizationally optimal for the customer.

Effectively representing Czech and foreign companies on the Russian market

We are an established entity focused on search and mediation of trades and investments on the Russian market. We will enforce your business politics and key interests.

On the basis of individual requirements, we will find and address Russian subjects with the company offer. You will get a clear list of potential business partners and current contact information for competent persons. We will recommend further steps to establish successful cooperation. Subsequently, we arrange a contractual agreement, organize individual business processes, prepare an offer according to the client’s disposition or our own know-how, select and address the candidates.

Individual orders are solved individually, tailored to the client.