Make the business
on the Russian market
without worries

We will mediate the business, including storage, logistics and customs clearance. We can also handle the necessary certifications and approvals for the market.



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Payment guarantee

Our company does the business on the Russian market under its own name. All activities we realize only with proven partners, with whom we can guarantee smooth financial flows.


We will deliver your goods safely and readily to the place of destination. Reliable transport services, years of experience with customs clearance and VAT and our own storage reduce delivery cost to a minimum.

20 years of knowledge of the Russian market

We have personal long term experience with managing of multi-national companies in the Russian federation. We know, how to eliminate possible risks and detain reliable partner for the business.

What we do

Arranging trade

We can guarantee your financial security, with us it could not happen, that you do not get paid. 20 years of experience with foreign suppliers from Europe and Asia behind our name. Our main field of expertise is automotive industry. But we can also distribute other consumable materials and raw materials used in production.

Providing storage capacities, arranging mixed deliveries and covering customs formalities requirements

We buy from proven domestic and foreign suppliers. Afterwards we export to the Russian federation, whereas we maximaly eliminate risks attached to the the transport, duty payments and VAT. We are able to safely manage the storage of stock and arrange mixed deliveries. Delivery to the final place of destination is a common standard for us.

Effectively representing Czech and foreign companies on the Russian market

We know, how to represent Czech and foreign suppliers on the Russian market under our own name. Thanks to many years of experience, we know the Russian market almost perfectly. To our partners we are able to setup distribution at Russia on turn-key.


Miroslav Špičák

Managing Director

Company management

Our target is to fulfil the requirements of our business partners with professional quality and on realistic terms. We have many years experience with managing of supra-national companies on the European and Russian market. We will save you time, energy, finances and human resources.



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